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Business as Mission Global

Entrepreneurs see and create opportunities. How can this talent be used to benefit society and build Gods Kingdom in innovative and holistic ways?

I’m working on a book on Business as Mission (BAM), with co-author Mats Tunehag (an international authority on BAM). Globally BAM is a growing movement. I’m interviewing people all over the world, but especially Europeans.

You will read the stories of business folks , church and mission leaders who are on a ‘BAM journey’ in developing nations, and also in a Western secularised context. The stories will be alternated with theory: the BAM concept, transformation and paradigm shifts re mission, church and aid.

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Download here the folder of the BAM Book & Go Project.

Dutch BAM Book & Go Project

NaamloosNovember 2015 the Dutch version was released. We called it a BAM Book & Go project, because we want the book to be a tool to help a movement forward.

God’s Spirit is moving Christians in the Netherlands to see the potential of BAM.

Can you read Dutch? If so, you can order here.

BAM global – a glimpse to wet your appetite!

Globally missionaries, business people and church planters are on a journey to integrate business and mission. Amazing things are happening! When interested to learn more about BAM, check out the website of my co-author Mats Tunehag, and the site of Business as Mission.   Remarkable stories - a peek into the new Global book on BAM A curriculum for 'kidpreneurships' has been developed and taught in the slums of Metro Manila. I interviewed Corrie de Boer, director of Mission Ministries

June 20th, 2016|

Unique project in trendy neighbourhood Berlin

In a trendy part of Berlin, project developer Norbert Tews initiated and realised a construction project of three thousand square meters. About thirty Christians live and work here, the community is a blessing for the neighbourhood.  More of the story will soon follow, but watch the pictures and the video below.             .                   Norbert (right) with the new manager of the project, Thomas Kotulla Stichting Bildung, Werte,

February 25th, 2016|

Pushing a heavy BAM-ball up the mountain…

The first several months of my Business as Mission book project, felt as if I was pushing a big, heavy ball up the mountain. Now nine months down the road, it seems the ball is over the top. Thanks also to a great team! End of August the Dutch version needs to be ready, in November it will be published. I’m curious where it all will lead to… Global version Next to a Dutch version,

June 15th, 2015|

BAM is capturing people’s imagination!

How can business benefit society, and serve Gods purposes? That's in a nutshel where Business as Mission (BAM) is about. In my part of the world, Europe, this question is capturing peoples' imagination. Of business people, church planters and mission workers.  Paul Unsworth, Brick Lane, London Church planters & renewers get involved with social entrepreneurship. I interviewed Baptist pastor Paul Unsworth in London, he started a quality Coffeeshop in Brick Lane, which is a

June 15th, 2015|

Restaurant with a mission

"Through working in my business, I’m experiencing more of God," says Faouzi Chihabi, "I have my faith in my head and heart. Now it is also flowing through my hands." Faouzi studied theology to become a minister, worked for Dutch city councils and at European level on issues concerning vulnerable youth. Presently he owns trattoria Borgo d'Aneto. On the riverside in Rotterdam his former work experience and his faith merge in this restaurant-with-a-mission. The latte

January 21st, 2015|

The (pre) sale of the BAM book has started!

"We plan to order about 50 books," assured Arco de Leede, director of Interserve Holland. Operation Mobilisation NL inquired: "Would it help if we buy 100 books in advance and pre-finance the project this way?” They did, and that surely helps! We need those pre-orders, also for the English version. Help start a movement With this book 'Business as Mission in / from Western Europe’ (worktitle) we aim to introduce and help a movement forward, both

January 20th, 2015|