In the book ‘God ain’t white’ (only available in Dutch) we take the reader on a journey through the history of slavery. Through personal interviews with black people you become aware how the past still affects society today. We talk with white pastors how theology influenced the view of slavery. Others share how they have acknowledged guilt and how that was received. With black and white we talk in the third part of the book how we can build together, black and white, towards a fair future.

We speak with people like politician Kathleen Ferrier (former Council Member), Arjan Plaisier (General Secretary Protestant Church), Jörgen Raymann (TV personality), Klaas van der Kamp (General Secretary Council of Churches), Frank Dragtenstein (Historian NiNsee, Institute for remembering Slavery), Rhoïnde Mijnals-Doth (Pastor EBG), Rivelino Rigters (rapper) and Kno’Ledge Cesare. And many more. See photos on

The authors Gea Gort and Eva Mabayoje, urge to reflection, recognition and reconciliation so that we can look together at our past and present in an open way and build together on a fair future.

This book project was born out of my involvement in the city and initiated together with GIDSnetwerk Rotterdam. At that time I was director of GIDSnetwerk Rotterdam. Our team initiated several meetings where black and white shared deeply how the slavery past has still an effect on life today. The God ain’t white project was made possible by the foundations ‘Kerk en Wereld’ (Church and World) and by Foundation Herdenking Slavernijverleden 2013. (Commemoration of Slavery). The book was part of a broader national initiative with the aim to broaden awareness regarding our slavery past. The authors initiated dialogues, wrote articles and realised a website