Globally missionaries, business people and church planters are on a journey to integrate business and mission. Amazing things are happening!

When interested to learn more about BAM, check out the website of my co-author Mats Tunehag, and the site of Business as Mission.



Remarkable stories – a peek into the new Global book on BAM

A curriculum for ‘kidpreneurships’ has been developed and taught in the slums of Metro Manila. I interviewed Corrie de Boer, director of Mission Ministries Philippines. This ministry helped start hundreds of early childhoods centers, holistic churches and over 700 pre-schools among the poor in co-operation with churches, NGO’s and seminaries. BAM has become part of the DNA of this mission, teaching children is a natural next step.


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Kees has a printing business in Europe

John and Kees took two years of careful planning before they started their IT and discipleship training venue in a closed country. Because of safety issues, and their aim to empower the local church. “We want this business to be a major influence for hundreds of years. Way after our death,” shares John*. “We want to empower – not by bringing Christians to another social level – but through their identity in Christ.” A story of sacrifice and a miracle working God. Also of rational, pragmatic and clearheaded thinking.

* fictitious name

Sam ChoBusiness as Mission has something to say for every Christian, is Sam Cho’s conviction: “In Jesus’ times Christians lived in a Roman culture, presently we live in a global business culture. How are we being salt and light in that culture?” This Canadian Korean business professor has been advocating BAM for over twenty years in Asia and South Korea, and is setting up a BAM Summer school in South Korea for all Christians: leaders, businesspeople and laity.



“God means business,” says Patrick McDonald, founder of Open Well (Oxford UK). “God is dead serious about bringing justice, wholeness and beauty in this world.” Profoundly convinced of this truth Patrick seeks how to forward Gods mission through scaling and multiplication. It’s a story of his journey – from working on the streets of Bolivia, to setting up Viva (facilitating local networks on a global level), to embracing business.


A German project developer realised a unique community centre in a trendy neighbourhood in Berlin. And many more stories – release beginning 2018.