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Engelstalig. Hardcover, 240 pages – Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers


Book description

Business as Mission (BAM) is a growing global movement. Christians active in the arena of business, charity and church are on a journey to integrate business and holistic mission. But what exactly is BAM? In the book, Gea Gort and Mats Tunehag explain the BAM concept through theory and theology, with stories to show what it looks like in real life.

The authors explain that Business as Mission is an expression of a much broader movement. Ideas regarding mission, church, and charity are shifting, and growing number of christians are aiming for a missional way of living out the whole incarnated gospel in their daily lives where they work and live.

The inspiring stories of thirty practitioners active on all continents provide insight into how gospel shalom can be shared in innovative and practical ways in challenging settings: in developing nations, secularized Western cities, or even closed countries.

BAM Global Movement will not only capture your mind and heart as you learn about Business as Mission in theory and praxis, but it will also give you a broad overview of this remarkable movement.

This book provides insight into this global movement and is of interest for a broad range of people: pioneers, early adapters and leaders within church, mission, and business, but also for Bible schools and universities.



What others are saying:

“Do you believe that business should have a mission beyond making money for its owners? Then this book is an essential guide to at least one stream of thought and action driving the wider purposes that business can serve. More important, it has inspiring examples from around the world of how business is already right now serving the greater good of society”

—Prabhu Guptara, Independent Board Member, Board Consultant, Keynote Speaker

Thankfully, there are now many authors who have written on the theology of business and its importance in God’s kingdom.  However, the variety of examples and stories in this book truly bring it to life in a way that is clear and compelling.  It is time that God’s purpose for business becomes a global movement!

– Bonnie P. Wurzbacher, (Former) SVP, The Coca-Cola Company and Chief Resource Development Officer, World Vision Int’l.

Business as Mission has become an enormously powerful movement in the transformation of God’s world. This book is an excellent and varied collection of moving stories and biblical insights, showing how business conducted to the glory of God can revive and unite communities. I hope and pray that it will inspire many more innovative projects.

– Dr Richard Higginson Director of Faith in Business, Ridley Hall, UK Co-author, A Voice to be Heard: Christian Entrepreneurs Living Out Their Faith

“Business as Mission is a global movement, emerging as the church (re)discovers the all-inclusive scope of the gospel. With this book, Gea Gort and Mats Tunehag bring exciting and fresh insight to the meaning of work, the value of business, and the incredible opportunities through commerce to inculcate the character of Christ into our communities. This book is a timely and most helpful contribution to this mission.”

— Alan Platt, Doxa Deo and City Changers, Global Leader

“In BAM Global Movement, the authors demonstrate ingenuity and creativity in action through intriguing stories of good-news entrepreneurs who are making history with Jesus. Through these stories, we see how people around the world are following David Livingstone’s admonition: that the good news of the gospel must be accompanied by economic development. For without economic development, there will be a significant lack in sustainable development from our mission efforts.”

—Don Stephens, Founder/President Mercy Ships, Lindale, Texas.

“I am so thrilled to see this development of a mosaic view of the mission of God today in this collection of various experiences refined through cultures and from contexts. As God did in the forming of Christianity at the first council of Nicaea, he speaks even now through the whole church rooted in Christ our Lord and is engaged in diverse fights against anti-Christ cultures of the day!”

—Dr. Sam Cho, Director of Interserve Korea 

“I felt my call to business when I started my first business at age fourteen, and I experienced God’s pleasure while working and leading in a business. I was asked many times to become a ‘full-time worker for Christ,’ but I continued to see my calling to leadership in the marketplace. Unfortunately, those in spiritual leadership did not recognize the marketplace as a higher calling. This book parallels over forty years of struggle—and ultimately, understanding and revelation. If you are called to lead in the marketplace, read and digest this book! It will empower you, equip you, and spare you the struggle of misunderstanding the marketplace calling.”

Al Caperna Chairman CMC Group, Founder Called2Business

Gort and Tunehag have gathered some of the best, experienced leaders to deal with such a topic in clarity, using inspiring and challenging stories. Sadly Business as Mission is not yet much on the agenda of Christians and churches. May this book reverse this and the Kingdom of God be advanced.  I pray that many Christians will see themselves as missionaries in business, leading a new generation to impact the world.

– Evi Rodemann, Cheerleader of the next generation, Lausanne International

As a university-level teacher I welcome this new collection of essays on BAM. I happen to believe that the Great Commission of Matthew 28 is non-exclusive in the sense that all human institutions, including business and all people, including entrepreneurs, are called by God to make disciples. BAM offers unique opportunities for entrepreneurs to engage in the Great Commission while outworking their vocational calling. This book will inspire and equip. I will be using it as a reference for my students. It will nicely complement the small literature on BAM that emerged about a decade ago.

– Rod St Hill (BCOm(Hons), PhD, MAICD). Vice President – Academic Christian Heritage College, Brisbane