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Business as Mission Global Movement

Entrepreneurs see, and create opportunities. How can this talent be used to benefit society and build Gods Kingdom in innovative and holistic ways?

BAM is a growing movement. In BAM Global Movement; Concept & Stories you will read 30 stories of business, church and mission leaders from around the globe who are on a ‘BAM journey’. Either in developing nations, closed countries, as well as in Western secularised contexts. The stories alternate with theory. Co-author Mats Tunehag (internationally involved in BAM) explains the BAM concept, while I describe paradigm shifts regarding mission, church and aid.

In 2016 the Dutch Business as Mission book BAM! was released in the Netherlands. BAM Global Movement is published in 2018 by Hendrickson Publishers in the US, and is a part of their Theology of Work series.

BAM book


€ 19,95

BAM Global Movement; Concept and Stories

You will learn through concept parts, and through thirty stories from around the globe – about the potential of business to share God’s Kingdom in tangible ways.

If in the Netherlands, you can order here. Outside the NL, you can order through Amazon, e.o. Also available in different Ebook formats.

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The (pre) sale of the BAM book has started!

"We plan to order about 50 books," assured Arco de Leede, director of Interserve Holland. Operation Mobilisation NL inquired: "Would it help if we buy 100 books in advance and pre-finance the project this way?” They did, and that surely helps! We need those pre-orders, also for the English version. Help start a movement With this book 'Business as Mission in / from Western Europe’ (worktitle) we aim to introduce and help a movement forward, both

Jan 30, 2015 GIDSbusiness Breakfast: Spirituality in Amsterdam’s business district

GIDS Business breakfast Bimonthly GIDSnetwerk Rotterdam organizes a business breakfast at Borgo d’ Aneto. Entrepreneurial folks get together who aim for the welfare of the city. We invite people to share how business with mission could be integrated - in some way or another, through practical examples, or through theological reflection. January 30th Reinoud Beimers will be the speaker. He is one of the driving forces behind De Nieuwe Poort. De Nieuwe Poort, a beautiful professional