Sharon Stone: ‘We don’t have to twist arms; people know what is right. Truth has authority’

Can we re-write laws?

The Mayor of the town turned to her, and asked, “Sharon, what can you do for me?” Churches had gathered that day. The mayor continued and told about the problems with migrants, prisons, youth. “That day I realized that we as churches hadn’t done our homework,” recalls Sharon Stone. “As church leaders we inspire, but they were empty words. We hadn’t done research, couldn’t offer workable solutions. I had nothing tangible to offer to the Mayor. That day I decided that I never wanted to be in such an awkward position again.”

A few decades later, Sharon is prophetically involved in Great Brittan to help bring strategy and solutions for reforming society. Government leaders have come to this charismatic lady to ask for help, advice and prayer. It didn’t happened overnight. It meant long term commitment; for the past fifteen years Sharon showed up from time to time at the House of Parliament and built both relationship and reputation: “It’s about visibility and integrity; showing up and following through with what you say. And showing that you represent – and can move – a group of people.”

Anti-trafficking legislation

Sharon Stone pastored and founded an apostalistic/prophetic network. Presently she leads Christian International Europe, which represents 200 ministries & ministers. She seems quite an influencer, mover and shaker. For the past years she has been involved in seeing justice done in the Europe.  This has led her to be involved in changing laws. At present Sharon is closely involved with a governmental anti-human trafficking group to help them change legislation. Working together with secular government has been a positive experience: “You don’t have to convince people what is right, but you have to show them how. This means that we have to pay the price to research, study and be led by the spirit to find honest solutions. We don’t have to twist arms; Christians often don’t realize this.”

Paradigm shift needed – from flock to army

“Some people think that I have an anointing in this area, but as Christians we are all called to govern,” is Sharon’s conviction. The word ‘church’ as we presently understand it, stems from two words: greacon (= belonging to the Lord) and ecclesia (=govern). Sharon continues to explain: “In 1611 King James had a problem with the church’ thinking like a government and said that the word ecclesia must be translated as church. As a result we have been robbed of the fullness within the word ecclesia. We think of ourselves relationally as a family and a household. We see the church as a hospital; a place where priest and healers tend the flock. This is all true, but we’ve lost much of the governing meaning of ecclesia: being an army of warriors of the most high, a body of legislators, judges, kings and destroyers of strongholds. Satan stole this identity. He likes us to be a harmless flock of sheep, instead of disciples that govern and steward.”

“God told me years ago that I would re-write the laws,” remembers Sharon, in between meetings at the Call2All conference in The Netherlands. “At that time I had no idea what that meant.” Sharon is keenly aware that her work is not about her as a person – that might be the reason why this lady-warrior comes across as the neighbor next-door. She keeps focusing on the cause and on serving others, including politicians: “I read in the Bible that God gives these politicians their positions. That’s what I tell them. It’s not about me, I want them to succeed and be successful.”