The first several months of my Business as Mission book project, felt as if I was pushing a big, heavy ball up the mountain. Now nine months down the road, it seems the ball is over the top. Thanks also to a great team!

End of August the Dutch version needs to be ready, in November it will be published. I’m curious where it all will lead to…

IMG_3266Global version

Next to a Dutch version, we’re working on a Global version. This Spring we therefore went to Oxford to meet publisher Tony Collins, founder of Monarch books (an imprint of Lion Hudson). Tony is an experienced and respected figure in the world of Christian publishing. We were encouraged by his positive response. He is now looking into the possibilities. Meanwhile I’m already researching international BAM-stories.


IMG_3228Getting inspiration in Eagle & Child

While in Oxford, we had to go to the Eagle & Child, the pub where CS Lewis and his contemporaries discussed their book projects. As a team we had such a fun time together! Here in the picture with Swedish co-author Mats Tunehag, an international BAM specialist, and with researcher Monique Fahner, my right hand here in the Netherlands.

Lobby en research

We are writing a book, but also want to help a movement forward. We’ve researched, interviewed and lobbied. Over the past nine months we talked with dozens of leaders of mission, church, bibleschools and business organisations. Here in Netherlands we have met a lot of cooperation and interest.


Some Dutch foundations and businesses are supporting the costs of the Dutch version. We are still looking for support for the global version. Let me know, when you know of possibilities.

Monthly support

Meanwhile I’m working on a personal monthly support base, since I a feel a call to write and speak fulltime on mission related subjects. This meant giving up my income. Now I’m in the process of finding people who want to support me in this calling.

Great team!

So proud of my team mates! I’ve been totally encouraged by the amount of help over the past nine months. It has been quite a road – pioneering a new theme in this part of the world – and couldn’t have done it without these folks:

Marjolein Roelfsema helped with fundraising and brought a lot of positive energy in the team during the push-ball-up-mountain period.




Charlotte Klop turned out to be a great translator. And more!


Natasja Bakker has determination! She called lots of teachers of Bible schools.


Radka Kuijpers supports the project and me personally with general communication. She is a professional, and a true friend.


With Mats you can have a laugh, and Monique is superb! And, they both have a huge amount of brainpower.










Timon Both will design the book. Like the guy and his creativity!


Nelleke de Jong will be the editor of the Dutch book. She is professional, nice, and has much experience with editing books.


Grateful for these folks of Act Foundation.Especially Piet Brinksma, leader of Foursquare NL, and student at Bakke Graduate University. The Dutch project is under the umbrella of this foundation, giving advise and back-up.



Without support of Menno, my partner in life, I wouldn’t be able to do all this stuff!