Our kids:  This picture is a few years old, taken Spring 2014. We have some more grandchildren! Our elders son Daniel, lives with his wife Victoria and their two sons Kaleb and Kyler on Vancouver Island. Christiaan and Anne-Margriet have three children: Fleur, Thijmen and Laurens. Our third son Albert married Kimberly (her parents came from Suriname and The Antilles). They have two kids: Elijah and Mackenzie. Our youngest daughter Mirjam married Simon, they have the oldest children: Micha (12), Jefta and Hadassah.

Familie Gort portret-2

This was our family three years ago, at our 35th wedding anniversary. ‘Only’ 5 grandkids than, with 3 under way… Now 5 more are born!


Friends & fun

Spring 2015 we had a few awesome days in Budapest, with long-term friends Kevin & Debbie Larkin. We have known this couple from California for over thirty years, We tend to inspire and challenge one another, laugh, and enjoy life. Those kind of friendships makes our life rich.


In the New York Café Budapest; the most beautiful cafe in the world (indeed, amazingly decorated!)