Do you want to be influential in your city? But wonder how? Want to know how God is at work in an urban context? You’ll get inspired, get ideas and be encouraged by reading ‘God in the City’!

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What other say about God in the City:


“Mission is popularly understood as going out from the church but this book suggests that effective mission in cities is about the theology of place and of work. Gea Gort who is both a journalist and a networker from the great world port of Rotterdam writes with passion and creativity. This book celebrates incarnational and holistic approaches to cities and offers interesting dialogues with urban practitioners. It is easy to pick up and presents questions for the reader that stimulate creative thinking for the church in the city. Everyone concerned about God and the city should have a copy.”

Robert Calvert, Pastor Scots International Church P.L.A.C.E. (Partners Learning and Acting in Cities of Europe) – a network of urban practitioners who meet to stimulate and learn from each other

“From her years of practical and daily involvement in the city of Rotterdam, networking broadly among believers and unbelievers of all sorts, Gea offers insight and understanding on the task of incarnating good news in the concrete urban context. Her global missions background and academic reflection qualify Gea to guide the reader through a diversity of mission approaches where God’s Spirit can be seen at work among contemporary realities. This book is evidence that God has not abandoned Europe’s cities.

Jeff Fountain, Schuman Centre for European Studies

“Gea Gort reflects the theological and sociological research about cities in the 21st century. She leads the reader from the “old” merely evangelistic paradigm to a holistic missiology, which builds on a Kingdom theology. Beside a solid biblical foundation the book distinguishes itself in a number of biographical stories about Gea`s “heroes of the city”. These stories following each chapter nurture hope and faith. Thus the incarnational, contextual, holistic and relational elements of her approach to urban reality are illustrated by the stories of “real” men, women or communities who invest themselves with a missional lifestyle in their neighborhoods. This proves the book valuable both for theologians and for practitioners.”

Rev. Axel Nehlsen. Director of Gemeinsam für Berlin (Together for Berlin), an interdenominational network for the city of Berlin, Germany

“Gea Gort has been seriously in love with Rotterdam, connecting and giving voice to those who climb down ladders to spend their lives with the city’s most vulnerable.”

Ray Bakke, Chancellor of global urban ministry, BGU (Bakke Graduate University),  author of The Urban Christian and A Theology as Big as the City

“Does God live in the mountains, settled in a cozy log cabin by a bubbling brook? I don’t think so – and neither does Gea Gort! ‘God in the City’ reminds us that God makes his home with people, in the slums, in high rise apartment complexes, and among guest workers. Gea Gort believes the whole earth is the Lord’s – and that includes big cities. ‘God in the City’ will inspire and inform you to join what God is doing in the big cities of our modern world”.

Floyd McClung, Director All Nations (Capetown, South Africa)

“God in the City is a book you will enjoy as Gea Gort not only shares her theological insights about God in the city but gives beautiful portraits of modern and present day saints who are demonstrating what she is writing about. I enjoyed reading the portraits of people who just like you and me are making a difference by being ministers and are engaging the city with a loving God.”

Tim Svoboda, YWAM San Francisco and Bay area Coordinator & YWAM International Cities Coordinator

“My friend Gea has captured the essence of evangelism in the urban areas of our planet. She gives both insight and documents ideas that work. I love the way she has genuinely married the “work” of daily life with the “personal relationships” essential for ongoing significance. I suspect anyone working in the inner city environments would find this book both encouraging and enlightening. I highly recommend it.”

Jack Hill, Life Coach at Royal Quest (USA)

“Dr. Gea Gort is a storyteller, visionary and networker who understands the intricacies of cities and the Church. She writes from her experiences in the city as she looks at the city through the lens of God. This theological, theoretical and practical book challenges the Church to not do mission to the city but to live missionally in and with the city.

Dr. Mary Glenn, Director of Collaborative Partnerships and Education, City Net (California, USA)

“God tells us: Seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to Yahweh for it; for in the peace of it shall you have peace. (Jer. 29:7). GIDSnetwork International has this passage as its motto to encourage Christian leaders to work together in their local community. Gea Gort has practised this in her own city Rotterdam. But having the gift of writing, Gea shows in this book how this can be done by many Christians by giving us biblical theory and practices of wonderful people. Read this and be encouraged yourself to live as a Christian city servant leader!”

Jet Weigand-Timmer, President of GIDSnetwork International