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Inspire & encourage

It is a joy to share my experience and knowledge, with the aim to inspire and encourage others. My speaking style is involved, personal and passionate, since I get deeply involved with subjects and people.


As missionaries my husband I and lived and worked for nine years on board Mercy Ships’ hospital ship, the Anastasis. We moved to Rotterdam to set up Mercy Ships Holland and I became locally involved: led a prayer movement in my city, directed a leadership network and advised the local government on multicultural issues. Meanwhile studying journalism and Transformational Leadership in the Urban Global Context (Doctor of Ministry) and started writing about what Gods people are doing around the world.

My husband and I stepped out in the unknown. Some of our dreams came through, others died. We faced many challenges, but look back with a grateful heart and are expectant towards tomorrow. We have four married children and twelve grandchildren.


Mission themes:

  • New stories for new times; global paradigm shifts regarding mission
  • Business as Mission (BAM); why business is an wonderful and effective tool
  • Workshop: Count the cost! What you should know before engaging in BAM


Personal walk of life themes

  • The importance of rest; being in touch with God and ourselves
  • Female leadership; blessings and challenges
  • In touch with brokenness; our own, others and Gods

Contact me to discuss subject, angle and audience.