Increase your purpose and market it!

Implementing BAM offers a unique market position, since it engages with different trends within society, like the need for sustainability and the quest for purpose in work and business. BAM also benefits from trends in the marketing field.

21 Gea Gort (fotografie Rogier Bos)

BAM based marketing is not about window dressing or political correct slogans, but about developing an authentic desire and an intrinsic motivation. This is developed when we discover God’s encouraging view on business, and see opportunities to become a blessing in our communities. Opportunities fitting our personality, business and context. That gives joy and purpose!

A new generation, especially higher educated, prefers to work at companies that serve a higher purpose. BAM gives direction, words and actions to such a purpose, thereby influencing an inspiring corporate culture. In view of a shortage on the labor market this is an advantage.

In a positive corporate culture, some employees will be prepared to become ambassadors – think of being active on social media to promote the company. Ambassadorship is a trend within the marketing field.

Storytelling is another trend. A unique and authentic story could be developed through products and services, or through involvement in a need in the neighbourhood, city or world.

Over hundred research studies performed over the past ten years, show that businesses who aim for sustainability (in the broad sense) are outperforming others in medium- and longterm. Even though doing the right thing, and following God does not mean we ‘have the right to be blessed’, I am convinced that engagement with BAM can give unique marketing opportunities. This is handbook on impact investing gives more information on these researches.

Please mail me if you like to discuss BAM & marketing. On this page you learn more about the BAM-scan.

Together with my partners at Krb. communicatie, I would enjoy helping you to increase your purpose, and to increase your presence on the market.