“We plan to order about 50 books,” assured Arco de Leede, director of Interserve Holland. Operation Mobilisation NL inquired: “Would it help if we buy 100 books in advance and pre-finance the project this way?” They did, and that surely helps! We need those pre-orders, also for the English version.

Help start a movement

With this book ‘Business as Mission in / from Western Europe’ (worktitle) we aim to introduce and help a movement forward, both in developing nations, in the UK, as well as on Europe’s Continent, where Business as Mission is still less known. We want to share how BAM-type businesses can make a difference in this part of the world, by sharing stories of how Gods Kingdom innovatively can be spread through enterprises.

Arco de Leede practiced Business as Mission, when he was working with Interserve in the Middle East. He had very positive experiences while practicing BAM. Therefore, since he became director of Interserve Holland, he has formed a Business as Mission Club. Among this group he wants to distribute the book to further inform, inspire and get people involved.

Get involved!

At the moment we are focussing on Holland, and the Dutch book release. We are looking for bigger and smaller stakeholders to buy packages of 5, 10, 25 or 100 BAM-books for the pre-order offer of €10 with the aim to spread the Business as Mission idea within their circles.

Contact us for more information. Sign up for the newsletter to keep informed. And share stories and contacts with us of those pioneers who are involved in BAM type endeavors.

The Dutch BAM book will be released Autumn 2015, and the English version Spring or Autumn 2016. You can order already Dutch books for the mentioned offer of € 10,-